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Vikings Give - Christmas Service Opportunity

December 2018 - Pictures and Video

Participating in a Christmas-time fundraiser is a decades-long tradition at Viewmont High School. In the past, we have raised funds to give presents to children at Guadalupe Elementary School in Salt Lake, and Doxey and Vae View Elementary Schools in Davis County. This year, we can truly bring Vikings Give home. We will be fundraising for Grandfamilies from across Davis County and then inviting them to come here to Viewmont where we will be giving them breakfast and presents for Christmas.

Grandfamilies is a non-profit organization which helps families that consist of one or two grandparents for reasons such as: death of a parent, parents are in recovery centers,  or parents are financially unable to care for their children. Many of the cases here in Utah are parents who have become addicted to opioids and have gone to recovery centers. Grandfamilies assists them with day-to-day living costs, court costs for grandparents to receive legal rights for their grandkids, costs of therapy for children who have lost their parents, and many other expenses that these families may need help with.

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