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For Scholarship information contact:

Danette Henrie              Scholarship Coordinator dhenrie@dsdmail.net 801.402.4389


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DSD Scholarship Database

Scholarship Search Engines

Tips: Enter student profile in several search engines to refine the search results.  To further tailor the results use specific keywords (i.e. abilities, experiences, adversities and traits).  To avoid scams never pay money for scholarship searches.

Scholarship Search Tips


Tips for Scholarships

Finding Scholarships:


  1. Identify & make a list of your strengths.
  2. Focus on scholarships that are a good fit.
  3. Look local.
  4. See what scholarships your top colleges offer.
  5. Start with a web search of your talents.
  6. Create profiles on trustworthy nationa scholarship search website.
  7. Get organized.
  8. Meet deadlines.
  9. Apply, apply, apply.
  10. Don’t wait until your senior year to look for scholarships, they are available for grades 10-12 all year round!

Before You Apply:

  • Create a scholarship resume (awards, service, experiences, activities, leadership, skills etc.).
  • Use a calendar and checklist to get organized.
  • Prioritize your applications by deadline.

Essay Tips:

  • It’s the story that counts! 
  • Be creative, use fresh language and think outside the box
  • Give examples and be specific.
  • Be passionate in your essay and write about something of interest to you.
  • Proofread a printed copy of the essay for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Additional Tips:

  • Use a professional email address
  • Remove inappropriate and immature material on your social media accounts.
  • Make a photocopy of your application before mailing it.
  • Send the application by certified mail with delivery confirmation.
  • Apply early and often…Apply, apply, apply!

Most Common Application Mistakes:

  • Missing deadlines
  • Failing to follow directions – i.e. essay length
  • Leaving out required information
  • Failing to tailor the application to the sponsor
  • Failing to proofread the application
  • Exaggerating or lying on the application
  • Applying for an award for which you do not qualify
  • Writing a boring or potentially offensive essay.

 Scholarship Toolkit - Keeping a solid scholarship resume is important.  Instead of applying for a job, you’re applying for free money!  This toolkit will help you start your scholarship resume, which you can continue adding to throughout high school.



Senior Scholarship Newsletter

Senior Scholarship Newsletter  -This months newsletter is completely full of LOCAL scholarships. Many VHS students have earned these scholarships in years past. Apply today!

UPDATED 11/26/2019

updated 10/14/2019

UPDATED 9/5/2019


Junior & Sophomore Scholarships Newsletter

Junior & Sophomore Newsletter  - This newsletter is comprised of local scholarships.


UPDATED 11/26/2019

updated 10/14/2019 

UPDATED 9/5/2019



Regents' Scholarship

Regents' Scholarship Facts:

1. The Regents' Scholarship is an academic scholarship that you can earn by taking required classes in high school to prepare for college.

2. Starting with the graduating class of 2020, the Regents' Scholarship can be used at public colleges in Utah, including technical colleges, but not at private institutions like Brigham Young University, LDS Business College, and Westminster.

3. You apply for the Regents' Scholarship during your senior year, but you need to start planning now to take the right classes in 9-12 grade.

4. If you apply you will be required to submit a completed FAFSA application, but you are NOT required to qualify for federal grants or loans.

5. The Regents' Scholarship can be used to cover tuition and fees for a total of four semesters, subject to meeting renewal requirements.

Regents' Scholarship Information see website for scholarship requirements & more information.

New Century Scholarship

New Century Scholarship (Click for more information)

  • The New Century Scholarship encourages Utah high school students to accelerate their education by earning an associate degree in high school or completing a specific math and science curriculum.
  • The scholarship may be used at any four-year public college or university in the Utah System of Higher Education.
  • The New Century Scholarship may be modified each year as a result of legislation. It is important that you use the website above as your resource for the most up-to-date information.
  • Official information regarding the New Century Scholarship is produced by the Utah System of Higher Education or the Utah State Board of Regents and published on higheredutah.org and UtahFutures.org. Do not rely on information published by any other entity.

Utah Promise Scholarship

Utah Promise Scholarship

  • The Utah Promise Scholarship is for students who need financial assistance to pay for college and is available at all public colleges and universities in Utah, including technical colleges.
  • The scholarship will cover up to full tuition and fees for up to two years.
  • Talk to the financial aid office at your college to see if you qualify for the Utah Promise Scholarship.

T.H. Bell Scholarship

T.H. Bell Scholarship

  • The T.H. Bell Scholarship is for those students who study education and intend to work in a Utah public school.
  • The scholarship can be used at all public or private colleges in Utah that offer an approved program.
  • Talk to the financial aid office at your college to see if you qualify.
  • To be eligible for this scholarship, recipients must study in an approved teacher preparation program or in an approved program that prepares an individual to become a speech-language pathologist or another licensed professional providing services in a public school to students with disabilities.

The Edge Scholarship - WSU

Concurrent Enrollment EDGE SCHOLARSHIP 

  • Complete 12 or more credit hours of CE courses in high school
  • Earn a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA on all CE course work
  • Must enroll at Weber State University after high school
  • See above link for more information

College Scholarship Websites

Scholarship & Financial Aid websites for college's in Utah

Utah College & University Scholarships


Private Scholarships for VHS Students Only

Private Scholarships for VHS students- These scholarships are exclusively for VHS seniors and will become available in March of 2020.