Utah Seal of Biliteracy

seal of biliteracy header

The USBE’s Seal of Biliteracy certifies attainment of a high level of proficiency by a graduating high school student in one or more languages in addition to English, and certifies that the graduate meets all of the following criteria:

A. The USBE’s Seal of Biliteracy will be awarded to students who earn a Utah high school diploma and be proficient in English and at least one world language other than English, at the intermediate-mid level or higher, as demonstrated through an assessment from a list to be approved by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

B. For purposes of this form, "world language" means a language other than English and includes American Sign Language and American Native Languages (Navajo, Ute, etc.)

Click here for the Seal of Biliteracy application. Once completed, return it to your counselor.