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Viking Service Awards

It is time to start thinking about who you would like to nominate for a Viking Service Award!

Viking Service Awards honor individuals who are the  ‘unsung heroes’ of Viewmont High School and who do outstanding things to benefit VIEWMONT HIGH SCHOOL.  Usually recipients are those who wouldn’t be recognized in some other way.

Eligible recipients of a Viking Service Award can be Viewmont students, teachers, staff, administrators, or anyone in the Viewmont community WHO GIVES EXTRA EFFORT that benefits VHS.

You probably know people who do amazing things to serve and give.  Those people probably shy away from recognition, and you may be the only one who is aware that they go above and beyond the call of duty.  Giving the award to someone you know inspires all of us to try harder to be more giving and generous.

Nominate someone who has helped you succeed at something or who inspires you:

  • A parent or other adult who puts in many hours assisting your service club, team or other activity AT THE SCHOOL.
  • A student who gives extra service to Viewmont High School and or Viewmont students.
  • A teacher or staff member who puts extra efforts into helping you or others  succeed.
  • A worker at Viewmont that goes out of their way to assist others.

Click here for the VSA Nomination Form. Please download, print, and fill it out.  Then scan and email it to viking.service.award@gmail.com or you can turn it in to the Main Office or the Counseling Office at Viewmont High School.

The deadline for turning in your nomination is Monday March 25th, 2019.  

The Awards Presentation will take place on Tuesday April 16th, 2019 in the Media Center at VHS.  We would love for you to be there to present the award.  If you are not able, you can choose someone else to do it.  The Awards Presentation will be followed by refreshments and visiting.


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