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Sterling Scholar Instructions

Click here for a printable copy of the instructions


•    Apply for as many areas as you feel qualified for.

•    Check the suggested list of requirements each department has compiled.  Remember these items are strong suggestions, not absolutes.  The more classes and experience you have in the content area, the greater your chances of being selected.

•    If applying for more than one area, be sure to include:

    One application for each area
    A transcript for each application (printed from your myDSD account)
    A list of all areas in which you apply (in appropriate place on application) 

Applications are due to Department Representatives on Monday, November 4, 2019 by 2:30 p.m.

•    You will be contacted by each department about interview time. Contact department representative if you don’t hear from them or have any questions.

•    Check with the department head to see if you need to bring anything to the interview.

•    Application  
    NEATNESS COUNTS. No typos.  Be sure to TYPE the application (you may download it in Word).
    You can attach an additional sheet if you can’t fit all info onto application.
    Don’t put in fluff. Make accomplishments meaningful.
    Turn in application to department representative.
    You might not have taken all the tests (not everyone has had the SAT). Leave blank if not applicable.
    If you don’t have your test scores, check with the Counseling office.

•    Interview
    If there are a large number of applicants, some departments might not interview every applicant
    Practice
    Dress up
    Be on time

•    Applicants are judged based on the following areas (these also apply to the next level of competition):

1.    SCHOLARHIP: (20% of score)  Overall GPA, difficulty of class schedule, standardized test scores such as ACT or SAT, class ranking and similar scholarship items attained during high school.
2.    CATEGORY SCHOLARSHIP: (20% of score).  Emphasis is placed on the nominee’s ability and talent in their specific category.  Judges seek evidence of growth and service in all activities. The nominee’s talent and aptitude within their category will receive particular emphasis in this part of the judging.
3.    LEADERSHIP:  (20% of score).  The qualities of leadership in Utah public high schools can be measured in part by the responsibilities in student government, clubs, community organizations and sports.
4.    COMMUNITY SERVICE/CITIZENSHIP:  (20% of score).   Each Sterling Scholar nominee should exhibit a record of high standards of citizenship throughout his/her high school years. Service to school, community or other organizations will be considered.  Nominee’s attitude toward the acceptance of responsibility in contribution roles, as well as seeking out service opportunities will be especially important.  Evidence of a long-term commitment to service will also receive particular attention.  It is not too late to do service in your area!  This is extremely important if you plan to go succeed at the next level of competition. You don’t have to go to a foreign country to have your efforts count as service.  Service over long period of time—two-three years—is what judges find most impressive.  Service opportunities INITIATED by the student rather than opportunities ATTENDED by the student are given much more weight and consideration.
5.    INTERVIEW: (20% of score).  During the interview, judges will evaluate the nominee’s ability to answer questions pertaining to their category.  Body language, technical knowledge, communication skills, and plans for continued education in the category will all be included in the interview assessment.  

•    The list of school WINNERS will be posted on the Counseling Center window on Friday, November 22, 2019.

•    Viewmont winners will need to meet on Monday, November 25 at 2:30 in Ms. Merrell’s room #263 to discuss the next steps in the process.

Sterling Scholar Suggested Requirements

Click here for a printable copy of the requirements


The purpose of the Sterling Scholar Awards is to publicly recognize and encourage excellence in scholarship, leadership and citizenship in high school students. This competition is sponsored by KSL and Deseret News. Students are judged in the three areas of scholarship, leadership and citizenship.

There are several things that will aid in qualifying you in a particular category.  These include:
1.    Take many classes in the areas in which you’re interested and earn excellent grades in them.
2.    Maintain a high overall GPA, ACT, and class ranking.
3.    Participate in extracurricular activities both in school and the community.
4.    Take advantage of summer workshops, internships, competitions and other activities in your fields of interest. Teachers can help you be aware of available opportunities if you ask them.
5.    Initiate service projects in your community that are ongoing rather than just be involved in some others have initiated. Ongoing service to the community, school and other organizations is considered.

The following list has been compiled by faculty members at Viewmont who are involved in the judging process. It contains SUGGESTED requirements the judges are looking for in specific areas.  If you do not fit every qualification, this DOES NOT MEAN you are not able to apply.  The more knowledge, experience, and course work in the content area for which you are applying, the greater your chances are of being selected.

•    Must be in AP or CE English
•    Minimum GPA of 3.8 overall
•    ACT scores in English and Reading must be at or above a 26
•    Take at least one elective in the English area (Creative Writing, Yearbook, Debate)

•    Have completed AP Calculus before Senior year, preferably BC Calculus (if you are enrolled as a senior, this will also be acceptable)
•    Have taken the ACT before applying

•    Attending Boys’ or Girls’ State
•    Have many hours of community service
•    Participate in city youth councils
•    A 3.5 GPA and/or rank in the top 10% of the class
•    Taken at least one CE or AP class in a social studies field
•    Have school leadership experience through student government, class committees, teams, or other clubs and organizations
•    Plan on entering a Social Studies related field
•    Have a knowledge of current events

•    Have taken or are taking 2 AP science courses. Three is better. 
•    Have taken the ACT

•    Must be in a 4th, 5th, or AP level World Language class or have comparable experience using the target language while residing in a non-English speaking country
•    A student who has demonstrated outstanding ability in a 3rd year World Language class may also be considered if nominated by a World Language teacher.
•    GPA of at least 3.75
•    Have taken the ACT
•    Experience using the foreign language through community or school service or while on an extended visit to a non-English speaking country
•    The ability to participate in an interview in your target language. This interview will include questions about your family and friends, your future plans, and a memorable experience from the past

•    Have good grades and good ACT score
•    Have a lot of computer experience, such as programming or coding
•    Make sure anything brought to demonstrate for the judges will work on the available computer or bring a laptop

•    Have creativity in portfolio (work done to date)
•    High GPA
•    Good depth of course work in Skills and Tech classes
•    Participation in competitive events
•    Variety of community service
•    Good interview skills

•    GPA 3.74 or higher
•    Three or four FACS classes since 9th grade
•    Leadership positions and activities in FCCLA
•    Service activities in the school and community
•    Member FCCLA
•    Competing in a FCCLA STAR Event preferred

•    It’s beneficial to be involved in many of the following activities:

1.    FBLA and DECA Officer/Member
2.    FBLA / DECA competition participant/winner
3.    FBLA / DECA Leadership Conferences participant

•    High grades in many business and marketing classes
•    Work experience related to these areas
•    Business / Marketing career goal that has been researched (job shadow, etc.) so you can discuss future plans intelligently
•    Service activities (using business skills would be an extra benefit)
•    Certifications (MOS, IC3)
•    Attend other business conventions

•        Be actively involved in either forensics or the drama department
•        For Forensics (debate), be prepared to give a brief (2-3 minutes) demonstration of a competitive forensics activity, appropriate to their specialty  
•        For Forensics, current membership in the National Forensic League, providing a student point record from the National Forensic League
•        For Forensics, have taken the ACT before applying and have a 3.7 GPA or higher
•        For Forensics, have taken at least 3 semesters of Debate
•        For Forensics, have competed at Region, National Qualifiers, and 5A State Tournament at least twice (two years)
•        For Forensics, have a variety of documented community service
•        For Drama, have at least two minutes of a monologue (humorous or serious) to perform
•        Candidates in drama must have taken drama for at least two years in high school

•    Five minute interview
•    Five minutes to perform
•    Demonstrate a knowledge in vocal performance 
•    Demonstrate a knowledge in other areas such as theory, music history, composers and vocal technique

Applicants should have a portfolio of their work demonstrating the following:
•    Draftsmanship
•    Design and composition
•    Creativity and originality. No drawing of photos.

•    Five minute interview
•    Five minutes to perform
•    Demonstrate a knowledge in instrumental performance
•    Demonstrate a knowledge in other areas such as theory, music history, composers and technique

•    Perform a one-minute original composition (modern or ballet are recommended) 
•    Improvise to a prompt given at the audition
•    You don’t need to have taken dance at Viewmont to be eligible 

Sterling Scholar Application

VHS Sterling Scholars 2019-2020

Viewmont High School Sterling Scholars

English - Hazen Lawson
Speech/Theater Arts - Megan Charchenko
Dance - Maddie Gamble
Social Science - Alyse Erekson
Science - Zeke Green
Mathematics - Zach Higginson
Visual Arts - Sissahomi Khebou
Skilled & Technical Sciences - Madison Nielsen
Business & Marketing - Dawson Thomas
Instrumental Performance - Connor McBride
Vocal Performance - Sierra Davis
World Languages - Emma Woods