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airline cleaning
Erin Williams

Unifi Service at Salt Lake City Int’l Airport is a ground handling company sponsored by Delta Airlines that is responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the interior of Delta Airlines and Sky West aircrafts.

They offer a variety of different schedules and days with 3 different starting positions.

6:30 am - 3:30 pm, 8 am - 5 pm, 12 pm- 9 pm and will accommodate student schedules.

Cabin Agents – make $15 a hr., they are part of a team and the lead will assign them to clean different parts of the plane  

Cabin Leads – make $16.50 a hr., they are the leads that will be responsible for the team, will drive from the docks to the airplanes but will also help clean, driver license required 

Cabin Lavs - $16 a hr., they work alone. Drive a truck to all the flights assigned to them to clean out the lavatories, they insert a blue chemical and connect a tube to flush out the restrooms, driver’s license required 

Unifi Services also offers Delta Airlines flight privileges, a $600 sign on bonus based on attendance and performance, and referral bonuses!

If interested, please click on the applications below. 

FT/PT Cabin Agent - $15/HR with a $600 Sign Bonus + Flight Privileges on Delta 

FT/PT Cabin Lead - $16.50/HR with a $600 Sign Bonus + Flight Privileges on Delta 

PT Cabin Lavatory Agent - $16/HR with a $600 Sign Bonus + Flight Privileges on Delta