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Checking in

It is Viewmont policy that we do not excuse tardies. Students arriving to class within the first twenty minutes will be marked late. Students arriving after the first twenty minutes of class will be marked absent and must get an admit from the Attendance Office before going to class.

If a student arrives to school just a few minutes late (less than 20 min.) they go directly to their class. 

If a student arrives after the first twenty minutes of class they must check in at the Attendance Office. They do not need a parent or a note when checking in at the office, but if they do the absence will be parent excused. A parent will need to excuse the absence within three days. The parent can excuse this absence by sending a note with their student to the attendance office, replying to the email absence notification, on the guardian MyDSD account, or by calling the Attendance Office 801-402-4206.

Checking out

A parent or guardian may check their student out of school by one of the following methods:

  • Send a note to school with your student indicating the time they are to be checked out. The parent must sign the note and also provide a contact phone number. Your student will bring this note to the attendance office in order to check out.
  • Call the Attendance Office. 801-402-4206
  • Come in person to the attendance office.

Excusing Absences

It is Viewmont policy that absences must be excused within THREE days of the student’s return to school. Absences may be excuse in one of the following ways…

  • EMAIL - The easiest way is to simply reply to the email you received from the school notifying you of your student’s absence.  The attendance office email is vhsattendance@dsdmail.net. If you do not receive email notifications when your student is absent and would like to please call me at 801-402-4206.
  • PHONE – A parent or guardian may call during school hours 801-402-4206.
  • IN PERSON – A parent or guardian may come to the attendance office during school hours and excuse absences.
  • NOTE - Your student may bring a note signed by a parent or guardian to the attendance office.
  • MYDSD - Sign in to your guardian account, click on the "Academics" drop-down menu, click on "Attendance". Note: MyDSD will not allow you to excuse absences past three days.