Junior High

High School




In partnership with all stakeholders, we empower students to realize
their full learning potential.


Completes all graduation requirements.
Demonstrates mastery of CORE concepts and skills in each academic area.
Possesses the critical skills needed for academic success.


Demonstrates quality work and strives for excellence.
Uses knowledge and experience from different subject areas to make
relevant connections in life.
Uses a variety of learning strategies and skills to enhance learning.
Engages in critical thinking


Demonstrates the ability to resolve and mediate disputes.
Demonstrates punctuality in attendance and homework.
Shows respect for each other and property.
Adheres to school policies and standards.


Compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitations Act (504) and the American with Disabilities Act
(ADA), the Davis School District and Viewmont High School will provide reasonable accommodations to
qualified individuals with disabilities. Students, parents or employees needing accommodations should
contact their school ADA/504 Coordinator, their principal, or supervisor.


Students arriving less than 20 minutes late to school need not check in with the Attendance Office. They
should go directly to class and check in with the teacher.
Students arriving more than 20 minutes late to class will be marked absent and must clear that absence
in the Attendance Office upon arrival at school. An admit will be issued by the Attendance Office.
Students have three days to verify absences after returning to school. If absences are not verified in
three days, they will remain an “uncleared absence”. A truancy citation will be issued when a student
has five or more uncleared absences. Absences can be verified in the following ways:
-A note turned in to the Attendance Office signed by a parent or guardian. Students may not
sign their own notes. A forged note will result in, but is not limited to, an administrative “U”
in citizenship.
-An email to vhsattendance@dsdmail.net
-Personal visit to the office by parent or guardian to complete an attendance clearance form
-Responding to the automated email
-On a guardian MyDSD account.
A form is available in the Attendance Office for students who know they will be absent from school for
four or more days. This form should be used when families plan activities that will take students out of
school for vacations, medical reason, etc. This will help students stay current on classroom activities and
get homework for missed classes. Students who know they will be absent for longer than two weeks due
to illness need to be referred for “Home and Hospital.”
Students will be allowed to check out of school for events deemed essential by the student’s parent. Such
check-outs must be verified by parents or guardians with a written note or email. If a student returns to
school that same day they should check in to the Attendance Office. Students failing to check out through
the Attendance Office and missing class(es) will be considered truant for those classes missed.


Electronic devices have become a common means of communication and information access in today’s
society. However, these devices have the potential of disrupting the orderly operation of the school.
Viewmont High School has therefore created this policy to govern the possession and use of electronic
devices on school premises, during school hours, at school sponsored activities, and on school
Personal electronic devices (PEDs) are privately owned wireless and/or portable electronic handheld
equipment that include, but are not limited to, existing and emerging mobile communication systems and
smart technologies (cell phones, smartphones, walkie-talkies, pagers, etc.), portable internet devices
(mobile managers, mobile messengers, BlackBerry, handset, etc.), Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs,
Palm organizers, pocket PCs, etc.), handheld entertainment systems (video games, CD players,
compact DVD players, MP3 players, iPods, Walkman devices, etc.), and any other convergent
communication technologies that do any number of the above mentioned functions. PEDs also include
any current and emerging wireless handheld technologies or portable information technology systems
that can be used for word processing, wireless internet access, image capture/recording, sound recording
and information transmitting/receiving/storing, etc.
No electronic device shall be used during testing of any kind unless specifically allowed by statute,
regulation, student IEP, or assessment directions.
Prohibited Use:
The use of any electronic device is prohibited during class, assemblies, concerts, and other school
activities where the use of such devices would cause a disruption or be disrespectful to those
participating. Electronic devices must be put away and powered off during such activities. At no time may
electronic devices be used in restrooms or locker rooms.
Allowed Use:
Students may use electronic devices before and after school, during lunch, and while passing from one
class to another. Students may also use cell phones in emergency situations as defined by staff, including
medical emergencies, to report criminal activity on school grounds, to prevent injury to other students or
staff, and to report destruction of school property.
Students may not use electronic devices in any way that threatens, intimidates, humiliates, or harasses
school-related individuals, including students, employees, and invitees, or violates local, state, or federal
Faculty, staff, and administration have the right under law to confiscate any electronic device from
students who violate this policy. When any electronic device is confiscated, staff shall take reasonable
measures to label and secure the device and either return it to the student at the end of class, or bring it
to the appropriate administrator as soon as the employee’s duties permit.
Disciplinary Action That May Be Taken. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action which
could include suspension and expulsion, and notification to law enforcement authorities.
A student who violates this policy may be prohibited from possession of an electronic device at school or
school-related events.
Consequences for students who violate this policy repeatedly may increase using the following schedule:
 1st Offense - Teacher Confiscation/Return to student after class.
 2nd Offense - Administrative Confiscation/Return to student at end of day
 3rd Offense - Administrative Confiscation/Return to Parent
4th Offense - Administrative Confiscation for Six (6) Days
 5th & Future Offenses - Administrative Confiscation for Six (6) Days/Suspension
Security of Devices. Students shall be personally and solely responsible for the security of electronic
devices brought to school. The school shall not assume responsibility for theft, loss, damage, or
unauthorized calls made with an electronic device. If devices are loaned to or borrowed and misused by
non-owners, device owners are jointly responsible for the misuse or policy violation(s).
Procedures for Reporting. Individuals wishing to report a violation of this policy should contact a
school administrator.
Exceptions. With prior approval of the principal, the above prohibitions may be relaxed under the
following circumstances:
The use is specifically required to implement a student’s current and valid IEP or 504 Plan;
The use is at the direction of a teacher for educational purposes;
The use is determined by the principal to be necessary for other special circumstances, health-related
reasons, or emergency.
Camera or audio recording functions of electronic devices may pose threats to the personal privacy
of individuals, used to exploit personal information, and/or compromise the integrity of educational
programs. Accordingly, the use of audio recording or camera functions of electronic devices is strictly
prohibited in school premises at all times.


Graduation requirements in Davis School District include satisfactory citizenship and adherence to the
rules and policies of the school. 35 citizenship credits are required to graduate from Viewmont High
School. Students not meeting this requirement will not receive a Viewmont diploma. Refer also to the
Eligibility Policy.
Teachers shall make reasonable attempts to notify a parent/guardian when their student’s behavior or
lack of attendance may result in a “U” and provide an opportunity to make up a “U” before the end of the
grading period. An unsatisfactory citizenship grade “U” may result from the following or combination of
the following:
-A “U” citizenship grade may result from excessive absences, tardies or any truancy.
-A “U” citizenship grade may result in appropriate administrative actions including suspension
and or referral to the Student Services Committee for further action. Serious negative behavior
may include, but is not limited to, any of the following:
  • Obvious disrespect for school authority and school staff
  • Use of vulgarity or profanity
  • Direct and willful disobedience of school rules and policies
  • Possession/use of a real/imitation controlled substance, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, tobacco, or under the influence of a controlled substance
  • Cheating on a test or assignment, including plagiarism
  • Fighting
  • Theft
  • Forging a parents signature
  • Trespassing
  • Disruption of learning activities
  • Vandalism or destruction of private or public property
  • Harassment/Extortion
  • Possession of weapons(s) or weapon facsimile
  • Hazing

Appeals can only be made for “U” grades that have been issued based on attendance. Students who have received an unsatisfactory citizenship grade and feel there are extenuating circumstances should first talk with the teacher who issued the “U” grade. If an amiable solution cannot be reached at that level, the students should go to the citizenship secretary and pick up a Citizenship Appeals form. This form must be completed and returned to the citizenship secretary prior to mid-term following the term the student received the “U”. The Student Services committee will meet to determine if the student appeal will be approved. Students should make certain the appeals form is complete, and attach any medical notes that might give a clearer picture of the situation. If the student and parent do not agree with the decision of the appeals committee they may appeal to the principal.
  • Students who have perfect attendance without tardies in the same class the next term would have one “U” made up after paying a recording fee of $5.00.
  • Students receiving an Honor in the same class the following term would have one “U” made up after paying a recording fee of $5.00
  • Students who increase their GPA .5 would have one “U” made up after paying a $5.00 recording fee.
  • Students who take the ASVAB test will have one “U” made up after paying the $5.00 recording fee.
  • Outstanding “U’s” can be made up by taking a 3-hour citizenship class offered at VHS. Class calendars are available on the VHS website. There is a $15.00 fee for each class taken. The class can only be taken after the “U” is given. There must be two or more students enrolled for a class to be held.
  • “U”’s can be made up by doing 3 hours of Viewmont service per “U”. Projects must be pre-approved by the citizenship secretary. Accumulation of school service in anticipation of citizenship credit loss is not allowed. A $5.00 recording fee is required.
  • "U”’s can be made up by attending Davis County School sponsored programs. Those will be announced during the school year.
  • Individual circumstance may be reviewed by the Student Service Committee. This committee has the authority to determine criteria for making up a “U” on an individual basis.
  • A “U” may be removed for verifiable information about criminal activity in the school that leads to disciplinary action.


Complaints of discrimination should be filed with the individual’s principal or supervisor and/or with the
District Compliance Officer according to the provisions of the Davis School District Civil Rights Grievance
procedure, copies of which are available at each school. If the complaint is against the principal or
supervisor, the complaint may be filed directly with the District Compliance Officer.

The individual who has been designated to monitor and coordinate the District’s compliance with Title IX,
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and all other applicable State
and Federal civil right laws, may be reached at the following address and telephone numbers:
Compliance Officer
Davis County School District
45 East State Street
P.O. Box 5888
Farmington, Utah 84025
Telephone 801-402-5358
TDD (hearing impaired) 801-402-5358
Discrimination complaints should be reported as soon as possible, but no later than 90 days after the
incident(s) in order to be effectively investigated and resolved.


Class schedules are developed in accordance with a Student Education Occupational Plan (SEOP).
Changing classes required for graduation should be made in consultation with a counselor. There is a
$10.00 fee for class change.
Schedule change sessions are held at the beginning of each semester. After the change session, all
requests for a schedule change are required to go through an appeal process:
  • Students may not have any citizenship “U’s”
  • Students must obtain all necessary signatures
  • 1st and 3rd terms, appeals may be made for three (3) weeks at the beginning of the term
  • 2nd and 4th terms, appeals may be made for one (1) week at the beginning of the term


Viewmont High School strongly encourages modest behavior and attire at all student activities. The
administration will determine what is disruptive or inappropriate for the circumstances. Students whose
behavior and/or attire is disruptive to extracurricular activities may lose the privilege of attending the
activity or future activities.

The cost to attend a stomp is as follows:
  • Viewmont High School Students with a current school ID - $3.00
  • Viewmont High School Students without school ID - $4.00
  • Students from other schools must have a current school ID - $5.00

The cost to attend a dance will be: $15.00 on campus and $20.00 off campus. The following rules will
need to be followed:
  • There will be no re-admittance.
  • Anyone causing a disruption will be asked to leave.
  • Students must have a date.
  • Modest attire should be worn.

The cost to attend a football game or a basketball game is as follows:
  • A non-region game for Viewmont High School student - $4.00
  • A region home game for Viewmont High School student is free with a student ID
  • A region game for Viewmont High School students without a student ID - $4.00
  • Endowment and state games may be more.


The school reserves the right to suspend a student from school whose behavior violates certain school
standards. Behaviors for which a student may be suspended include but are not limited to:
  • Disrespect for school authority
  • Disrespect for school staff
  • Use of vulgarity, profanity, or gestures
  • Direst and willful disobedience of school rules and policies
  • Cheating
  • Fighting
  • Excessive absences or tardies
  • Truancy
  • Disruption of learning activities
  • Vandalism of private or public property
  • Harassment, including sexual harassment
  • Violations of the dress code
  • Violations of the District Safe School Policy
  • Computer use violations
  • Unwelcome and offensive public sexual display of affection, including kissing, making out, groping, fondling, petting, inappropriate touching of oneself or others. Sexually suggestive dancing and massages.
The administration respects the due process right of each student and will allow each student who has
been suspended the right to state his/her case. This publication constitutes notice of unacceptable
conduct in accordance with due process standards. Violators of the law may be referred to the police.


The Board of Education of the Davis County School District recognizes that standards of proper dress and
grooming effect the behavior of students, that there are sanitation, and safety factors directly related to
proper dress and grooming guidelines so that rules of dress and discipline can be enforced consistently.
Viewmont High School students will be expected to comply with the following guidelines:
  • Hair should be styled in a clean and well-groomed manner.
  • No startling or disruptive hairdo’s.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Clothing shall not be worn which may disrupt, call undue attention to, or interfere with school functions.
  • Clothing shall be of modest design. All shirts must have sleeves! No tank tops, bare midriffs, bare stomach, off-the-shoulder blouses, backless or sheer fabrics. Visible undergarments including bra straps are NOT allowed. Entire torso must be covered at all times.
  • Pants that expose buttocks, undergarments, or sag below the hip bone will not be allowed.
  • No deep scooped necklines or exposed cleavage allowed.
  • Short shorts, short skirts, and short dresses will not be accepted. They must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.
  • Clothing shall be neat and clean. “Grunge” or “grubbies” are not acceptable.
  • Clothing that promotes or displays illegal items such as tobacco, alcohol, obscene, or inappropriate material will not be permitted.
  • Clothing that depicts violence, brutality, or criminal activity may not be worn.
  • Clothing attachments or accessories which could be considered a weapon including, but not limited to spikes on boots, bracelets or chokers, chains on wallets, or oversized belts will not be permitted.
  • Exaggerated body piercing is not allowed. No piercing in the nose, eyebrows, lips or tongue allowed.
  • Gang clothing will not be tolerated. Excessively baggy clothing, belts worn excessively long, monikers or insignias, hair nets, head bands, bandannas, or “rags,” worn on a person or displayed.
  • Old English style or “graffiti” style writing, or any item school officials view as denoting gang membership or affiliation will not be allowed.
  • Shirts must be worn at school and all school sponsored activities.
Due process for any dress and grooming infractions will be as follows:
First Offense:
Student will be issued a written and/or verbal warning. Student will be asked to immediately comply with
dress code standards by covering up, changing, or checking out and returning to school properly dressed.
Second Offense:
Students will receive an administrative “U”. Students may clear the Administrative “U” by adhering to
dress code standards during the probationary period (the remainder of the term for which the infraction
occurred and the entire term following) or by the standard school procedure for clearing citizenship “U’s”.
Students who violate the dress code standards again will not only receive another Administrative “U”, but
a one-day suspension and mandatory meeting with the student, parent, administrator.


Students must have all outstanding “U”s made up and cleared before participation on athletic teams, in
extra-curricular activities, work release, DATC, early college, internships, participating in assemblies, and
purchasing a parking pass. Also, any student receiving more than one “F” in a grading term will not be
eligible to participate or compete the following term. The student’s grade point average must be a 2.0
from the preceding term. Advisors and coaches will verify participant’s eligibility. Some activities such as
student body and class office, cheerleading and dance/drill require a higher GPA. Student should refer to
the school constitution for those requirements.
Viewmont High School extra-curricular activities/athletics standards include compliance with such school
rules as no smoking, drinking, drug use, insubordination or disrespect of coaches, advisors or teachers.
Failure to comply with these rules or others set by individual coaches/advisors may result in ineligibility to
participate. Appeals may be made to the Student Services Committee. Refer also to the Citizenship Policy
Random Drug Testing – Statement of Purpose and Intent
Participation in school-sponsored extracurricular activities in the Davis School District is a privilege.
Students who participate in student government, cheerleading, and competitive athletic activities at the
high school level represent the school within the community and have a responsibility to conduct
themselves at all times in a manner befitting their positions, which includes avoiding the use of illegal and
performance –enhancing drugs.
The Board of Education has implemented this random drug testing program for students in grade nine
(9) through 12 (12) who voluntarily participate in extracurricular activities at the high school level as one
way to prevent, deter, and detect drug use among students.


It is the policy of the Davis School District and Viewmont High School to provide equal educational and
employment opportunities for all individuals. Therefore, the District and Viewmont High School prohibit all
discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, or veteran status.
This policy extends to all aspects of the District’s and Viewmont High School educational programs, as
well as to the use of all District facilities, and participation in all District sponsored activities.


Participation in interscholastic athletics, cheerleading, student government, student clubs, graduation
ceremonies, and other extracurricular activities is not a constitutionally protected civil right. Therefore,
students who are suspended, transferred to an alternative placement, or expelled, may lose the privilege
of participation in all extracurricular activities during the period of discipline and will not be afforded due
process procedures to challenge denial of participation.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law designed to protect the privacy of
a student’s educational records. FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their children’s

1) Parents have the right to inspect and review all of their student’s educational records maintained by the school.

2) Parents have the right to request that a school correct records believed to be inaccurate or misleading.

3) Generally, the school must have written permission from the parent before releasing any information from a student’s record. However, the law allows schools to disclose records, without consent, to some parties. (e.g. District employees and volunteers with a need to know; individuals who have obtained court orders or subpoenas; persons who need to know in cases of health and safety emergencies; juvenile system).


Directory information, which is information that is generally not considered harmful or an invasion of
privacy if released, may be released at the discretion of school officials, without consent for appropriate
reasons such as, school publications, newspaper articles, and to outside education related organizations.
In addition, two federal laws require secondary schools to provide military recruiters, upon request, the
names, addresses and telephone listings of their students.

The Davis School District has designated the following information as directory information: 1) Student’s
name. 2) Student’s address. 3) Student’s telephone number. 4) Date of birth. 5) Participation in officially
recognized activities and sports. 6) Weight and height of members of athletic teams. 7) Degrees and
awards received. 8) Photograph. 9) Most recent educational institution attended by the student.
If you, as a parent, do not want Viewmont High School to disclose directory information from your child’s
educational records without your prior written consent, you must notify the school in writing annually.



Students who need to be out of class during class time must carry a hall pass issued by the teacher of
the class. Only one student may use the hall pass at a time. Students who are in the hall without a hall
pass, may receive a truancy citation.


Viewmont High School will facilitate home and hospital instruction for those students with a verified, long
term (more than two weeks) need to be out of school. Further information is available through a
counselor or an Assistant Principal.


State law requires up-to-date immunization records for all students in public schools. Students who do
not have their immunization record up to date, or who do not have an immunization record on file may
not attend school until all records are up to date and on file. All students are required to have a 2nd MMR
shot to enter school. For personal exemptions, a person must file a form with the Utah State Health
Department, 801-538-9450.


Each student may use a school locker in which to keep his/her books and personal belongings. Students
are responsible for all items in their lockers. Students should not share their locker combinations with any
other students. Never leave money or other valuable property in your locker. Students are responsible to
maintain their lockers, both inside and out. Students will be expected to reimburse the school for any
damage that occurs to their lockers. A fee of $2.50 will be charged for locker rental.

Students have the right or expectation of privacy in school lockers. School lockers are the sole property of
the Davis School District and Viewmont High School. Periodic general inspections of lockers, including the use of drug detecting canines may be conducted by school authorities for any reason at any time, without student consent, and without a search warrant.


Students who lose or misplace items should check the lost and found on the coat rack by the
cafeteria. Small items (such as phones or jewelry) will be kept in the Main Office. Items not claimed by the end of the school year will be donated to charity.


Students having no Citizenship “U” or unpaid parking tickets are eligible to purchase a
parking pass. The cost is $5.00 per semester.

  • At the beginning of 2nd semester, eligible students may purchase a 2nd semester parking pass for $5.00.
  • Parking passes must be hung on the mirror and clearly visible at all times.
  • Every student must purchase their own pass. Students cannot share a parking pass.
  • No refund will be given for loss and/or revocation of permit.
  • Students who park without a valid pass or in areas other than designated student parking will be subject to the following fines and/or penalties.
  • $15.00 parking violation
  • Towing at owner’s expense.

Viewmont High School will not be responsible or liable for lost, stolen, or damaged property and/or


The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PRPA) affords parents certain rights regarding the use of
surveys or other school activities which may involve the collection or use of protected information. These
include the right to:
Consent before students are required to submit to a survey that concerns one or more of the
following areas:

  • Political affiliations or beliefs of the student or student’s parent.
  • Mental or psychological problems of the student or student’s family.
  • Sex behavior or attitudes.
  • Illegal, anti-social, self-incremenating, or demeaning behavior.
  • Critical appraisals of others with whom respondents have close family relationships.
  • Legally recognized privileged relationships, such as with lawyers, doctors, or ministers.
  • Religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs of the student or parent.
  • Income, other than as required by law, to determine program eligibility.
  • Receive notice and an opportunity to opt a student out of activities involving collection, disclosure, or use of personal information obtained from students regarding any of the protected information areas.
  • Inspect, upon request, before administration or use of:  Protected information surveys designed to be administered to students.
  • Instructional material used as part of the educational curriculum.

Davis School District has policies in place to protect student privacy as required by both State and Federal Law. Viewmont High School will directly notify you of the specific or approximate dates of activities which involve the collection or use of protected information and provide an opportunity to opt your student out of participating in such activities. Parents who believe their rights have been violated may contact the school’s administration or file a complaint with:
Family Policy Compliance Office
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20202-4605


It is the policy of the Davis School District and Viewmont High School to promote a safe and orderly
school environment for all students and employees. Criminal acts or disruptive behavior of any kind will
not be tolerated and any individual who engages in such activities will be subject to school disciplinary
action as determined by school administrators, District disciplinary action as determined by the
Department of Student Services Case Management Team, policy referral, and/or prosecution. In
determining appropriate discipline, school officials will consider the totality of the circumstances, including
the severity of the offense, as well as the individual’s age, disability status, intent, academic status, and
prior disciplinary record.


A student is considered truant any time they are out of class without proper permission. It is a violation
of state law to be absent without being excused from school. Administrators and law enforcement
officials will make every effort to ensure that students are in class. Teachers are not obligated to allow
students to make up assignments or tests they have missed due to truancy. To deter truancies the
following measures are taken.

  • An expectation that important activities take place in each class every day.
  • Daily monitoring of attendance, notification of parents if students are missing class (nightly calling machine and/or email).
  • Counseling
  • Truancy citations/loss of citizenship credit
  • Parent/student conferences or referral to Student Services Committee.
  • Suspension and/or Juvenile referral.

According to District Policy, citations, fines and penalties will be issued as follows:
First Warning
Second $10.00
Third $15.00
Fourth $20.00
Fifth $25.00 – Meet with Truancy Counselor
Sixth $25.00 – Admin. U, Student Service Meeting with Parents, Redirect
Seventh $25.00 - District Student Services and/or Juvenile Court
Additional Truancy $25.00


Any student in a school building, in a school vehicle, on district property, or in conjunction with any
school activity, who possesses, controls, uses or threatens use of a real weapon, explosive, noxious or
flammable material, or actually uses or threatens to use a look-alike or pretend weapon with the intent to
intimidate another person or to disrupt normal school activities, shall be expelled from all District schools,
programs, and activities for a period of not less than one calendar year unless the Case Management
Team determines on a case-by-case basis, that a lesser penalty would be more appropriate. The terms
“weapon,” “explosive,” and “noxious or flammable material” include but are not limited to: guns, starter
pistols, cap guns, knives, martial arts accessories, bombs, bullets and ammunition, fireworks, gasoline or
other flammable liquids, matches, and lighters.
In implementing this policy, the District’s philosophy is one of “Zero Tolerance” coupled with “Zero
Expulsion.” “Zero Tolerance” …any safe school violation will not be tolerated in school settings and should
a violation occur, appropriate action will be taken. “Zero Expulsion”…in determining what action is
appropriate, each incident is considered on a case-by-case basis to determine how best to prevent any
future incidents while making reasonable efforts to provide alternative educational services to the


Any student who possesses, controls, uses, or arranges the sale of real, look-alike, or pretend illegal
drugs or controlled substances, including alcohol, tobacco and electronic cigarettes, may be suspended,
transferred to an alternative placement, tested for drugs, expelled, referred for police investigation,
and/or prosecuted.


Students may be suspended, transferred to an alternative placement, expelled, referred for police
investigation, and/or prosecuted for engaging in any physical or verbal aggression, intimidation, initiation,
or discrimination of any school employee or student at school or school-related activity, including but not
limited to bullying, hazing, or sexual, racial, ethnic, religious or disability-related harassment.


Students may be suspended, transferred to an alternative placement, expelled, referred for police
investigation, and/or prosecuted for committing any of the following school-related serious violations:

  • Threatening or causing harm to the school, school property, or persons associated with the school, regardless of where the conduct occurs.
  • Committing any criminal act, including but not limited to: assault, harassment, hazing, rape, trespass, arson, theft, and vandalism.
  • Engaging in any gang activity, including but not limited to: flashing gang signs, displaying or spraying gang graffiti, wearing or displaying gang related clothing or apparel, or soliciting others for membership in a gang.


Students may be suspended, transferred to an alternative placement, expelled, referred for police
investigation, and/or prosecuted for any school-related conduct that creates an unreasonable and
substantial disruption or risk of disruption of a class, activity, program, or other function of the school,
including, but not limited to: frequent, flagrant, or willful disobedience, defiance of school authority,
criminal activity, fighting, noncompliance with school dress code, possession of contraband (i.e. drug
paraphernalia, pornography, mace, pepper spray, laser pen, chains, needles, razor blades, bats and
clubs), or the use of foul, profane vulgar, harassing or abusive language.


When a student is suspected of violating Viewmont High School or District policy the school administrator
must meet with and inform him/her of the allegations and provide the student the opportunity to give
his/her version of the incident. If the school administrator determines sufficient evidence exists to impose
discipline the school administrator shall notify the parent or guardian that:

  • The student has been suspended
  • The grounds for suspension
  • The period of time for which the student is suspended
  • The time and place for the parent or guardian to met with a designated school official to review the suspension.


The school administrator has the authority to suspend a student for up to ten school days per incident. If
the school administrator desires or contemplates suspending for longer than ten school days or expelling
a student, the school administrator shall make a referral to the District’s Case Management Team.


School officials have the authority to search a student’s person, personal property, or vehicle while
located on school property or at a school sponsored activity, when they have reason to believe that the
student has violated or is violating a particular law or school rule.


* 27 credits required for graduation *
4.0 – Language Arts
3.0 - Math
3.0 - Science
0.5 – Geography
1.0 – World Civilizations or AP World History
1.0 – U.S. History or AP American History or CE U.S. History 1700
0.5 – US Government & Citizenship
0.5 - Health
1.0 - Physical Education
0.5 - Fit For Life
1.5 - Fine Arts
1.0 – Career & Technical Education
0.5 - Computer Technology
0.5 – General Financial Literacy
8.5 - Elective


The Viewmont tradition of excellence holds each Viking responsible for keeping an environment of
honesty. The core values of education are learning to be self-reliant, responsible, a good citizen, and true
to your ethical principles. The purpose of this honor code is to create a clear understanding among
students, parents, and staff regarding conduct expectations. As Vikings honor these guidelines, they will
grow in character, pride, and moral integrity.

As a Viking, because my honor is dear to me:
I will respect others and their property
I will not participate in any form of academic dishonesty including plagiarism
I will be fair in the correcting of students’ schoolwork and my own work
I will not share or receive information about a test, quiz, or other school work
unless approved by a teacher
I will always consider schoolwork to be an individual effort unless otherwise specified by a teacher
I will be honest with my peers, teachers, myself, and others; I will encourage others to do the same
I will follow all rules of Viewmont High School
I commit to take pride in my work and to continue a tradition of excellence and integrity


The Davis School District is responsible for Child Find identification and evaluation for all
student suspected of having a disability residing in Davis County. This includes children
(birth through 21 years of age) who are in public schools, private schools, are being home
schooled, or are kindergarten eligible, but not enrolled. Early identification and intervention
is essential to help ensure school success.

If your child is having significant difficulty with vision, hearing, speech, behavior, is
experiencing slow development typical for his/her age, physical impairments, or learning
difficulty, he/she may be a child with a disability. If you suspect your child may have a
disability, please contact the following school personnel so we can initiate the process for
referral and assessment.

Children Birth to Preschool 801-402-5406 (Amy Garlick)
Kindergarten through 21 years of age 801-402-5477 (Cheryl Orme)