Principal Message

Jason Smith

Fellow Vikings,

From time to time as I move about our great high school, I think of its history. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a school that has been in existence for over half a century, educating Vikings since 1964. Tens of thousands of students have passed through Viewmont's doors in that time. Although, the facility itself may contain a half century of history, it is the Viking students that have defined it.

Viewmont has a tradition of academic, athletic, artistic and leadership success. Like the Viking warriors we are named for, Viewmont Vikings have fought with great courage to obtain success. Our battles to succeed have often required overcoming adversity, perhaps within ourselves or with others. We have relied on our strength, resolve, hard work and commitment to each other through it all. Our fierce will to be the very best has always resonated through the campus and community.

As we encounter the next fifty years, there will be new Viking challenges. Changes in all aspects of our society require us to prepare for these next battles. As each of you enter our hallowed halls, take note of the preparations you encounter within the school itself. These changes are designed from the obvious to the subtle with one goal in mind--continued Viking excellence! Each of you are lucky to be a part of the transformation that will define the next half century of Viewmont Viking success. Our Viking forbearers conquered and were victorious because of their unrelenting determination and ability to work together. Their ships were not reliant on wind or current alone. As Viewmont Vikings have repeated for decades, "When the wind won't blow, Vikings row". I challenge each of you to continue the Viking spirit and continue another fifty years of excellence!

Row Vikings, Row!

Jason Smith