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Viewmont High School Constitution

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We, the people of Viewmont High School, in order to achieve the educational 
purposes of our school, to promote desirable school activities, to provide for an efficient 
administration of all affairs pertaining to school functions, and to represent those with 
vested interest in Viewmont High, do hereby establish this Constitution. 
It is fully understood and recognized that all school functions are under the ultimate 
jurisdiction of the Board of Education. Thus, all school functions are subject to their 
approval and policies. 


Constitution Contents

Article I. School Song, Emblem, Motto, Publications

SECTION I. The school songs shall consist of a Pep Song, “Onward Viewmont High School” and an Alma Mater Song, “Suns Have Their Glory”. 

Onward Viewmont High School 
Keep the colors flying high 
Red and glorious gold 
Proudly waving in the sky. 
To our Alma Mater 
Ever loyal we will be, 
Give a great big cheer 
For our school so dear, 
Hail Viewmont High; 
Onward Viewmont High School 
May thy name in glory reign. 
We will fight and cheer you 
As a victory you gain. 
Onward ever onward, 
To exalt thy noble name, 
Our banners we’ll hold 
Ever brave ever bold, 
Hail Red and Gold. 
Suns Have Their Glory 
Suns have their glory 
Stars have their sky. 
We have the memories we’ve made 
At Viewmont High. 
Onward Oh Viewmont 
Staunch we will stand 
True to the red and the gold 
The best in the land. 
Proud of her Vikings 
Strong, true, bold 
Our fighting spirit 
Will never grow old. 
On mighty Viewmont 
Forever grand 
True to the red and the gold
We’ll ever stand. 

SECTION II. The Emblem of Viewmont High School shall be the Viking. 
SECTION III. The school colors shall be Cardinal Red, Gold and White. 
SECTION IV. The school motto shall be “Non Scholae Sed Vitae Discmus” meaning, “Not For School but For Life We Learn”. 
SECTION V. The school publications shall include the school newspaper, the Danegeld, and an official yearbook, the Eddas. 


Article II. Viewmont Association

SECTION I. The name of this organization shall be Viewmont Association. 
SECTION II. All individuals or groups with vested interested in Viewmont High School shall be members of Viewmont Association. 
SECTION III. The purpose of this organization shall be to promote high standards of scholarship, citizenship, and sportsmanship; to instill loyalty to the school, community, and country; to promote constructive extra-curricular activities; to institute democratic procedures in student government; and to work cooperatively to achieve the ideals of Viewmont Association. 
SECTON IV. The ideals of Viewmont Association shall embrace high moral character, personal integrity, diligence, and the fostering of knowledge coupled with wisdom and good judgment. 
SECTION VI. Membership in Viewmont Association shall be as follows: 
     A. ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP - Shall be limited to all regularly registered students.  
     B. ALUMNI MEMBERSHIP - Shall consist of all graduates of Viewmont High School and shall be represented by the Alumni Association. 
     C. HONORARY MEMBERSHIP - Shall consist of members of the school staff and Administration, the Superintendent of schools, members of the Board of Education, members of Community Council, and other persons designated and approved by the Administration and Student Body Officers. 
SECTION VII. Representation of Viewmont High School in all activities shall be confined to active and honorary members, and other invited said activities. 
SECTION IX. All members of Viewmont Association representing Viewmont High School in competition with other schools shall maintain the standards established by this Constitution and the standards established by the Utah High School Activities Association. 


Article III. Legislative Council; Community Council, Student Advisory Committee (SAC), Administrative Council, Student Body Officers, and Joint Staff Study Committee (JSSC)

SECTION I. The legislative council shall consist of a representative governing 
     legislative body and a secondary legislative body. 
SECTION II. The Community Council, Student Body Officers, and Class Officers shall 
     be the representative legislative body of Viewmont Association. The Student Advisory 
     Council (SAC) and Joint Staff Study Committee (JSSC) shall be the secondary 
     legislative body of Viewmont Association. 
SECTION III. The Community Council shall serve as a representative legislative body 
     of Viewmont Association. 
     A. CHANGE IN BYLAWS- This constitution shall reflect the bylaws of the School 
          Community Council as established by the organization within board policy.  
    B. NAME- The name of this council shall be the Viewmont High School Community 
     C. PURPOSE- The purpose of this council is to oversee the site-based decision making 
         process in the school and to participate in the developing and implementing of the 
         school’s strategic plan. The council is basically advisory in nature but may be   
         empowered by the administration to make binding decisions. 
     D. ORGANIZATION- The council shall meet monthly and be made up of at least, but 
          not limited to, fifteen individuals. 
SECTION IV. The Student Body Officers shall serve as a representative executive body 
          of Viewmont Association. 
SECTION V. The executive student body of Viewmont Association shall consist of a 
          President, Vice-President, and a Secretary. These officers shall be elected by the 
          student body of Viewmont High School. 
          A. DUTIES OF THE PRESIDENT - The President shall have the responsibility for all 
              student activities and shall act as supervisor of all student committees and 
              organizations. The President shall also act as supervisor of the Student Body Officers 
              and coordinate their assignments. The president shall have charge over all school 
              elections, shall be responsible for all government actions and decisions. The President 
              shall act as liaison between the Administration and the student body and with the 
              approval of the Administration, shall have the authority to call official meetings, 
              appoint committees, and have all other powers necessary for the carrying forth of the 
              duties of the office of President to other officers as necessary. 
           B. DUTIES OF THE VICE-PRESIDENT –The Vice-President shall be responsible for 
               the Student Body Elections under the direction of the Student Body President. The 
               Vice-President shall organize and supervise the school’s charity fundraiser, and assist 
               with the organization and coordination of other school functions. The Vice President 
               shall act in the stead of the President in the event of his or her absence. 
           C. DUTIES OF THE SECRETARY – The Secretary shall act as caretaker of all records 
               and shall maintain accurate minutes of all meetings of the Student Body Officers. The 
               Secretary shall also be the president of the Student Advisory Council (SAC). They shall 
               also be responsible for maintain a roll of the Student Body Officers and members of 
               SAC. The Secretary shall act as caretaker of the Constitution of Viewmont High 
               School, and of the constitutions of the clubs and organizations within the school. The 
               Secretary shall have responsibility for all club charters. The Secretary shall assume the 
               duties of the President or Vice-President in the event of their absence or inability to 
SECTION VI. A group of outstanding students shall be appointed each year to assist the 
               Student Body Officers with school programs and activities. It is recommended that this 
               group be held to between five and eight individuals and that they maintain a good 
               working relationship. Appointed Student Body Officers shall be responsible for 
               committee assignments, duties as assigned by the Student Body Officers and Advisor, 
               and for the supervisory assignment to which they have been appointed. 
SECTION VII. Other officers shall be appointed by the Student Body Officers and their 
               Advisor as needed. 
SECTION VIII. Student Advisory Council shall be a secondary legislative body of 
               Viewmont Association. 
               A. The name of this organization shall be the Student Advisory Council. 
               B. The Student Advisory Council (SAC) shall consist of a student representative from 
                   each club and team associated with Viewmont High School. The President of SAC 
                   shall be the Student Body Secretary. No student may represent more than one club. 
                   SAC meetings shall be held monthly and whenever the SAC President sees fit. SAC 
                   meetings shall include but are not limited to surveys, open discussion of school 
                   problems and nominations for teachers of the week. 
              C. MISSION STATEMENT: We as members of the SAC shall be dedicated to increasing 
                  the quality of student life at Viewmont High School. We shall represent all members of 
                  our clubs/teams to the best of our abilities. We shall proactively seek to improve 
                  student life, using all our resources to make a difference. 
SECTION IX. An Administrative Council shall follow every SAC meeting. The 
                  Administrative Council shall be a place where students can meet one on one with an 
                  administrator and discuss issues and concerns about the school. All Administrative 
                  Councils shall have at least one administrator and two or more Student Body Officers. 
SECTION X. The Joint Staff Study Committee on School Improvement shall be 
                  established in the school from the certified staff of the school to provide orderly and 
                  professional means of improving the educational program, professional and public 
                  relations and the conditions within the school. The JSSC shall act as a secondary 
                  legislative body of Viewmont Association. 
                  A. CHANGE IN BYLAWS – This constitution shall reflect the bylaws of the JSSC as 
                      established by the organization within board policy. 
                      1. The principal and/or assistant principal(s) and all duly elected or appointed 
                          faculty representatives of the Davis Educational Association and additional 
                          members of the teaching staff as elected by the faculty. 
                      2. Elections of the faculty members to the JSSC shall be conducted by their 
                          absence or inability to function. Association representatives. 
                      3. The committee, by secret ballot, shall elect its own chairperson. 
                      Participation or Representation on the committee will be determined by the committee 
                      as the needs arise. This may include education support personnel when deemed 
                      appropriate by the JSSC. 
                  D. MEETINGS - It shall be possible for individual members of the committee to 
                       introduce any item of business or points on view to be considered by the committee. 
                   E. PURPOSE – The purpose of the JSSC is to provide a means whereby the 
                       administration and faculty may discuss common problems. When it seems appropriate 
                       and necessary, the committee may refer matters to the liaison Council. 
                   F. CERTIFIED AGREEMENT – The District Liaison Council and JSSC on School  
                       Improvements shall be subject to the provisions of the Certified Agreement of the 
                       Davis County Board of Education and the Davis Education Association. 
                  G. WAIVERS – The JSSC may request waivers from the Certified Agreement by 
                       application to the District Liaison Council. 
                       1. The request shall state in writing what policy is being requested for waiver, what is 
                           being proposed to be implemented in place of the waiver policy, and why 
                           the proposed alternative will help the school better meet District and/or school goals. 
                       2. The District Liaison Council shall forward its recommendation about waiver requests 
                           to the School Board and to the Davis Education Association. 
                       3. Waivers may only be granted by joint action of the School Board and the Davis 
                           Education Association Executive Board. 



Article IV. Constitution Interpretation

SECTION I. The Administration, Community Council, Student Body Advisor, Student 
     Body Officers, and the SAC shall jointly interpret and make decisions in reference to 
     any part of this Constitution, or any act, rule, or amendment hereinafter enacted. 

Article V. Amendments to the Constitution and Policies

SECTION I. Amendments to this Constitution may be initiated through the Student 
     Body Officers, Student Body Advisor, Community Council, the SAC, the 
     Administration, or by Student Referendum. 
SECTION II. To be enacted, Amendments to this Constitution must be ratified by a 
     majority vote in the Community Council and be supported by two-thirds (2/3) of the 
     SAC and Student Body Officers. If an Amendment fails to pass the legislative bodies, it can be 
     ratified by the Student Body by 51% of the student’s approval. All Amendments 
     must be approved by the Administration. 
SECTION III. Initiative may be made by petition of 2/3 of the Student Body, this may 
     override SAC or Student Body Officer decisions. 

Article VI. Auxiliary Organizations; Clubs and Committees

SECTION I. Clubs, organizations at Viewmont that are not funded by the school, must 
     have objectives which are in keeping with the educational purposes of the school. All 
     clubs shall maintain the ideals and standards established by this Constitution and 
     Community Council within board policy and state law. 
     A. ORGANIZATION – Those interested in organizing a specific club at Viewmont High 
         School shall fill out a Davis School District Student Club Application for Authorization 
         and include: 
         1. A written explanation of the Club’s purpose, goals and activities to the Student 
             Body Officers and the Administration. 
         2. The signed commitment of a current Viewmont High School faculty member 
             willing to be the sponsoring advisor of said club. 
         3. Proposed meeting times, dates, and places. 
     B. AUTHORIZATION – All clubs organized at Viewmont High School, returning or 
         newly created, must turn in the Davis Application for Authorization (outlined in Sec. I) to 
         the Student Body Secretary by the end of the 1st term in order to be recognized as a club 
         and be included in the yearbook. Clubs shall not be chartered or officially recognized 
         until their application is approved by an administrator and is filed with the Student Body 
     C. SERVICE – School policy mandates that each club must complete a service project 
          by the end of the third term in order to be recognized as an official club of Viewmont 
          High School. 
SECTION II. The selection process of members of an extracurricular school sponsored 
     organization shall be determined by the advisor of the organizations. 
SECTION III. Committees: 
     A. STUDENT BODY AND CLASS COMMITTEES – Committees shall consist of 
         members of the class they represent and shall be appointed by the newly elected officers 
         following the elections. Candidates for committees shall submit an application requesting 
         appointment. Membership in committees shall be determined by the officers. All 
         committees shall be appointed under the supervision or with the approval of the advisor. 
     B. ELECTION COMMITTEE – All school elections shall be conducted under the 
         direction of the Student Body President. An Elections Committee shall be organized each 
         year under the direction of the Student Body President for the supervision of all school 
         elections. This committee shall include the Student Body Elected Officers and two or more of the following: 
         1. Student Body Appointed Officers 
         2. Class Officers 
         3. Members of the SAC 
         4. Faculty Advisor and/or Administrator 
     C. STANDARDS COMMITTEE - A Standards Committee shall be appointed by the 
         Administration. It is chaired by the Vice Principal. The committee includes the PTSA 
         President, the Student Body Advisor, the Student Body President, and a student 
         representative. It shall be the responsibility of this committee to review the misconduct of 
         officers during their term in office as outlined in Article VIII, IX, C. 
     D. OTHER COMMITTEES - Special student committees may be appointed as necessary 
          with the approval of the Student Body Officers and the Administration. The purpose of 
          these committees shall be in keeping with the ideals and standards as established by this 
          Constitution, and to carry out matters of business to which they have been appointed. 

Article VII. Student Body Officer Elections

SECTION I. Election of the Student Body President, Vice President, and Secretary shall 
     be held in the spring of the school year and should be completed no later than the third 
     week of April. Elections shall be conducted under the supervision of the Elections 
     Committee, as outlined in Article VII, iii. 
      A. VOTING- All students, with the exception of seniors may vote in the election of 
          Student Body Officers. Student Body Officers shall be elected by popular vote in 
          both the primary and final elections. All voting shall be done by secret ballot. 
SECTION II. The candidates running for Student Body Office shall appoint a campaign 
     manager and campaign committee. Appointment of campaign managers and 
     committees are subject to Student Body Officer Election Bylaws. 
SECTION III. The candidates running for office shall be allowed to pass out propaganda 
     and display posters around the school in accordance to the Student Body Officer 
     Election Bylaws. 
SECTION IV. An election assembly shall be held each year for the purpose of selecting 
     two candidates per office to participate in the final election. In the case of a tie, three 
     candidates for the disputed office shall be allowed to advance to the finals. 
     A. PRIMARY VOTING -The first ballot shall be cast immediately after the election 
         assembly. It shall be a secret ballot. 
SECTION V. During the final election week, held at the discretion of the Election 
     Committee, time shall be reserved for candidate debates. Each candidate will be given 
     an equal amount of time for debates. This amount shall be announced by the Election 
     Committee when candidates for the final ballot have been approved. 
SECTION VI. Final elections shall proceed immediately after primary elections. 
     A. FINAL VOTING – The two candidates per office that are placed on the final 
         ballot shall be placed before the general student body for a popular vote. The vote 
         shall be administered by the Elections Committee and shall be by secret ballot. The 
         candidate in each office that wins a majority of the vote shall be declared the winner 
         of the election. 
     B. TIE CIRCUMSTANCES – In case of a tie in the final election process, a re-vote 
         will be scheduled in the library by the Elections Committee. The re-vote on the 
         candidates involved will be held for one day. 
SECTION VII. The Election Committee has the ability to review and make necessary 
         changes to the Student Body Officer Election Bylaws which govern Student Body 
         Officer election procedures not outlined in the constitution. 
SECTION VIII. Once elected or appointed the officer enters an “interim” period. All 
         academic and citizenship requirements must be maintained. 
         Officers officially are in office when sworn in before the Student Body. 

Article VIII. Appointed Student Body Officers

SECTION I. A group of Appointed Officers shall be selected each year to assist the 
     Student Body Officers in the operation of the activities program of the school. The 
     Appointed Officers shall be selected by the newly elected Student Body Officers and 
     Advisor. The Student Body Advisor approves the final selection of appointed office 
SECTION II. Appointed offices shall be created each year according to the goals of the 
    Student Body Officers and the needs of the school. Typical offices might include 
    Business, Cinematography, Publicity, Student Relations, and Activities. 
SECTION III. Each candidate for appointed office must have a grade point average of at 
    least 3.0 and have at least satisfactory grades in citizenship, no more than one U per 
    term, for the two terms prior to the appointment process. 
SECTION IV. Each candidate for appointed office shall apply by formal application. 
    Each appointment shall be made following a review of the applications and personal 
    interview. For application and portfolio requirements see Student Body Appointed  
    Officer Bylaws. 

Article IX. Class Officer Elections

SECTON I. Eligibility 
     A. To be eligible to run for office, candidates are required to have a G.P.A. of at least 
          3.0 during 2nd and 3rd terms prior to them running. 
     B. Candidates must show proof of their eligibility by submitting a copy of their 
         report card, stapled to the back of their petition. An Elections Committee will 
         review all candidates’ petitions for eligibility. Candidates found to be ineligible 
         will not be allowed to run for office. 
     C. Candidates must also meet the requirements of citizenship during 2nd and 3rd 
          terms prior to elections. Only one unsatisfactory grade each term is permissible. 
SECTION II. Each candidate is required to read the Election Bylaws before signing of 
     the petition. 
SECTION III. Persons interested in running for Class Office shall be nominated by 
     A. FILING A PETITION – Petitions shall be filed by the candidate at the time and 
         on the date designated. By filling their petitions, candidates automatically pledge 
         to support and uphold the rules and standards of Viewmont High School, as 
         established by this Constitution. 
     B. REQUIREMENTS – All candidates for Class Officer must be eligible as stated in 
        Article XI of the Constitution. 
SECTION IV. Candidates, Campaign Managers, and Committees shall consist of and 
     obey the following: 
     A. PARTICIPATION – Current Student Body Officers, Class Officers, future 
         Officers and members of the graduation class shall not participate in the campaign 
         of any candidate. 
     B. CAMPAIGN MANAGERS AND COMMITTEE – Each candidate shall appoint a 
         Campaign Manager and committee to serve throughout the election. All 
         Campaign Managers, members of committees, candidates, and others involved 
         with campaign shall be subject to the Class Election Bylaws. 
     C. RESPONSIBILTY – Each candidate shall be responsible for the actions and 
         behavior of his/her campaign committee. All candidates, Campaign Managers, 
         and members of the committees are expected to abide by the standards set forth 
         by this Constitution and its Bylaws. 
SECTION V. The candidates running for Class Officer may be allowed to pass out 
     propaganda and display posters around the school in accordance to the Class Election 
SECTION VI. Each class shall have an election assembly to nominate candidates whose 
     names shall appear of the final class election ballot. Each candidate shall be given a 
     specific period of time during the election assembly to state campaign and platform 
SECTION VII. Final elections shall proceed immediately after primary elections. 
     A. FINAL VOTING - The two candidates per office that are placed on the final 
         ballot in the primary convention shall be placed before the general student 
         body for a popular vote. The vote shall be administered by the Election 
         Committee and shall be by secret ballot. The candidate in each office that 
         wins a majority of the vote shall be declared the winner of the election, and 
         shall be sworn to fulfill the duties of his or her office. 
     B. TIE CIRCUMSTANCES – In case of a tie in the final election process, a revote 
         will be scheduled in the library by the Elections Committee. The re-vote 
         on the candidates involved will be held for one day. 
SECTION VIII. The Sophomore Class Election procedures shall be established by the 
         respected advisor with proper approval of the Administration and Student Body 
SECTION IX. All school elections are under the direction of the Student Body 
         President. Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class elections shall be under the supervision 
         of the Student Body President and shall be conducted by the retiring Class Officers. 

Article X. Oath of the Officers

SECTION I. All officers shall be sworn into office by saying the following: 
     I________(state your name) do solemnly swear to discharge the duties of my office of 
     ______________(state your office ) to the best of my ability. I will support, obey, and 
     exemplify the constitution and standards of Viewmont High School and will properly 
     represent the interests of the administration, the faculty, and my fellow students. 

Article XI. Eligibility and Qualification for Dismissal from Office

SECTION I. All elected and appointed Student Body Officers and Class Officers shall maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or above in scholastic achievement in the 2 terms prior to their election and each successive term during their term in office. 
SECTION II. Members of Class Committees, SAC, and other officers within the school should maintain a grade point average of at least 2.0. 
SECTION III. A student may hold an elected office for two of the three years attending Viewmont High School. Consecutive years of elected service is permissible. 
SECTION IV. No student shall hold more than one elective or appointed office during one year. This shall include Student Body Elected and Appointed Officers, Class officers, Cheerleaders, Pep Club, Vykelles, etc. 
SECTION V. Student Body Officer’s first responsibility is to their office. No Student Body Officer may hold other positions of responsibility that may compete with their grade point average or their student government responsibilities which must come first, such as but not limited to: Cheerleaders, club presidencies, Madrigals, sports, Vykelles, etc. A Student Body Officer who chooses to participate in any of the aforementioned activities may be removed from office. 
SECTION VI. New students who wish to run for office are eligible when their grade 
     point average is maintained at the required standard and when there is evidence that 
     their citizenship has been acceptable at their previous school. 
SECTION VII. All Student Body Officers shall be members of the Senior Class. All 
     Class Officers and members of Class Committees shall be members of the class they 
SECTION VII. Expectations, standards of conduct, consequences, and reinstatement 
     procedures may include the following: 
     A. EXPECTATIONS- Exemplary social behavior, responsible citizenship, and high 
         moral conduct shall be expected of all Officers, SAC members, Cheerleaders, Pep Club, 
         the school Mascot, members of committees, members of athletic teams, and all others 
         who represent Viewmont High School. 
         1. No drinking of alcoholic beverages. 
         2. No smoking. 
         3. No illegal use of drugs. 
         4. No involvement in vandalism, dishonesty, or other act which might bring 
            dishonor to Viewmont High School. 
         5. Students who repeatedly use vulgar, profane, or suggestive language will be 
             asked to resign. 
         6. Students are expected to wear neat, clean clothing, and be well groomed. 
         7. Officers must maintain a citizenship grade point of 2.0 for each term they are 
            in office (as determined by a composite of the following values: H=3, S=2, 
            N=1). Any “U” citizenship grade must be made up immediately to remain 
            active in Student Government. 
        8. Officers must maintain an academic grade point average of 3.0 during their 
            term in office. 
     C. CONSEQUENCES - Any infraction of the standards of Viewmont High School, oath 
         of office or of this Constitution, shall result in one or more of the following upon review 
         by the respective advisor: 
         1. Disciplinary action as determined by the Administration and /or Advisor. 
         2. Dismissal from office or appointment. 
         3. Removal from membership on teams. 
         4. Probation.
     D. REINSTATEMENT – Policies of Reinstatement will be determined on a case-by-case 
          basis by their respective advisors and departments. 
SECTION IX. Eligibility of officers, committee members, and club and organization 
     members shall be monitored quarterly by their respective advisors. 

Article XII. School Sweaters and Jackets

SECTION I. Official Viewmont High School sweaters shall consist of three colors: 
     cardinal red (maroon), white and gold. Official Sweaters of these colors shall be 
     reserved to be worn only by the Student Body Officers and Class Officers. 
SECTION II. The Amount of white in sweaters shall be greatest to least in the respected 
     order: Student Body Officers, Senior Class Officers, Jr. Class Officers, Sophomore 
     Class Officers. 
SECTION III. Appropriate insignia such as the Viking, individual names, and dates of 
     graduation, office, and club logos may be worn on school sweaters. Achievement pins 
     and awards buttons are also acceptable. 
SECTION IV. Only the authorized individuals such as the Student body Officers, Class 
     Officers, Cheerleaders, Vykelles, and students who have earned letters are permitted to 
     wear a blocked letter on jacket or sweaters. 
SECTION V. All auxiliary organizations may obtain jackets of their own choosing. 
     Appropriate insignia in keeping with the values, ideals, and standards, of Viewmont 
     High School may be worn on all jackets. Individual students and members of the 
     Viewmont Association may also purchase school jackets. 
SECTION VI. Viewmont Viking sweaters and jackets shall be worn to symbolize 
     accomplishment and office. They shall be worn with pride, honor and dignity and shall 
     represent the ideals and values of Viewmont High School. 

Article XIII. Advisors and Coaches

SECTON I. Advisors and Coaches for each auxiliary organization within the school 
     shall be appointed by the Administration. 
SECTON II. The duties of faculty advisors and coaches shall be to counsel and assist 
     students in their respective organizations and sports as outlined in their constitution 
     and/or contract. 
SECTION III. All meetings and activities of organizations at Viewmont High School 
     shall be supervised by the appointed advisors and coaches, or by an approved adult 
     (Ex: assistant coach, parent, etc.).