School Logos and Branding Guide

Branding Guidelines

The following is a quick set of standards to help guide us in producing great looking material for Viewmont High School. This guide covers basic use of colors, typefaces, and logos. In a situation where this guide isn't helpful, please consult with the school administration for guidance.


Here at Viewmont High School, we wanted to bring consistency to our branding and create a logo to set us apart from the crowd. Over time, our logo, type, and colors (wherever they are seen) have changed but now we have a brand guideline to keep us consistent across the board for any type of marketing supporting our school. If consistent, our “viking” becomes instantly recognizable as Viewmont. The group of these items (logo, colors, typography) is called our "brand identity.” Individual parts of our identity system are not that important — but when they are used together consistently and in relation to what we do, they eventually become what people think of us as a school.

Please use this guide to help design and specify collateral items that will help the brand-building process. This guide won't cover everything but should be a good start.


The following logs and typefaces comprise the official branding guide for Viewmont High School.  The images are available in multiple file formats to download and use in the production of any type of gear.


The images contained within these files should serve as the ONLY versions of our logos and typefaces. Logos can be used on combinations. Items such as a basketball, tennis racket, trumpet, theatre masks, or other items may be added to customize it for a specific program. Users can also add words to customize for individual programs. Please use the approved branding fonts provided at the bottom of this page.

School colors are RED, GOLD, BLACK and WHITE. White is an acceptable background color; black should only be used as an accent color on uniforms, not the primary. Any item downloaded from this site will be in the appropriate PANTONE RED 7626 and GOLD 7549. Please keep colors consistent. If you’re using a single color graphic, please keep in mind the background color that the graphic will be used on, that way the graphic will display correctly.

See Brand Identity Guide HERE


JPG - These can be used for print or web; the files can only be used at same size or smaller. All jpg logo files available here are created only at web resolution and should not be used for high quality prints. These will degrade if enlarged.

PNG TRANSPARENT - These are versions of the logo with transparent backgrounds and can be used in Microsoft Office applications. These can be placed over different color background areas while maintaining the integrity of the logo. These will degrade if enlarged.

PDF - PDF images are ideal for printing, especially for graphic design, posters, and flyers. PDF images are also an ideal choice for storing images online when you intend them to be downloaded. PDFs keep your images in one packet so viewers can print and save designs and booklets easily.

VECTOR - High-resolution files best suited for high-output print production (clothing, athletic equipment, signs, banners, promotional items, etc.). These files are scalable both larger and smaller.


Click the link below to download the school's official font:

Our main “VIKINGS” font is a custom font and not available for download while our “Viewmont” is a free to use Google Font that can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Montserrat (Bold)

Click on the images below for more downloadable logos

profile full color logo
red solid v logo
Side stacked 
side stacked logo
Secondary logo 
secondary logo black
Stacked V-1 
Viewmont Stacked Logo
Stacked v-2 
stacked v2 logo